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Frequently Asked Questios

Q. When did Rana University start working services?

Rana University commenced working in 2009.

Q. How many faculties does Rana consist of?

Rana consists of four faculties which are as follows:

  1. Faculty of Law and Political Science
  2. Faculty of Business Administration
  3. Faculty of Computer Science
  4. Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

Q. How many shifts does Rana teach?

Rana teaches in 3 different shifts as of the following:

Early MorningMorningAfternoonEvening
(5.30-8.00AM)(9.00-12.00AM) (1.30-5.00PM)(5.00-8.00PM)

Q. How many periods of graduates are conducted by Rana?

Since inception, Rana has graduated 7 terms of UG students that the total of which rounds to 850 students in BSC and BBA streams.

Q. Does Rana have scholarships?

Yes, Rana University provides an attractive scheme of scholarship on merit basis. Students may directly contact our Public Relation Office for further information with regards to the available schemes.

Q. Are the degrees issued by RU recognized and validated?

Rana University is one of the registered universities at MOHE (Ministry of higher education) and the degrees issued by RU are fully recognized and validated by the government of Afghanistan. For more information on legal status of this University, please contact MoHE or click here

Q. When was Rana upgraded to a university?

Rana was upgraded from (Rana institute of higher education) to Rana University in 2014 wide letter number 15/710 Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Q. What is the medium of communication at the University?

There are two approaches:

  1. For Business and Computer departments, the medium of communication of fully English Language.
  2. For Traditional programs such as BJM and LLB, the medium is Dari language

Q. Does Rana University contain separate classes for male and female students?

In fact the approach in separating the classes was a successful attempt in 2013. Rana University has separate classes for female students in LLB and BCS departments.

Q. What is the qualification level of the lecturers at Rana and on what language do they teach?

RU is one of the universities that is equipped with full-trained, well-motivated and high qualified lecturers in all its faculties. RU has 6 PhD Degree holders in Economics and Political Sciences departments and the rest of the lecturers are at least master degree holders.

Q. What is duration of each semester?

Each semester lasts for five and a half months.

Q. Why does Rana have not branches in other areas/places?

In near future, we are planning to establish our braches in other cities and provinces of Afghanistan.

Q. What privileges are considered for topper (outstanding) students?

The top ranking / scoring students are provided with scholarship package throughout their study periods.

Q. Which faculties are taught by English and which are taught by Dari?

Faculties like LLB and Journalism are taught in Dari, BCS and BBA faculties are taught in English.

Q. How to pay the fee? What are the standards for paying the fee?

The fee payment policy allows the students in selecting different financial plans to suite their status and financial abilities. Commonly, the fees are being divided and paid in 2 to 5 Installments throughout a semester.

Q. Is there any online teaching programs?

Not yet, but it is intended to be launched.

Q. Is Rana University off in the winter?

No, because for completing credit hours, students must study for the whole winter.

Q. Are the teachers at Rana University national or international?

RU is a multi-dimensional and multi –cultural environment. We have both national and international lecturers serving students for maintaining better quality of education.

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