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Advance Mobile Application Development Course

January 16, 2019

Advance Mobile Application Development Course

Be a Master of all Mobile Application within just 45 days at 1000 /AFN Registration fee only.


Rana University Software House Department offers Mobile Development courses. Developing a mobile app requires extensive knowledge of native programming techniques for multiple platforms. Cordova/PhoneGap lets you use your existing skills in web development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to build powerful mobile apps. Your apps also get the power of integration with native device features like the camera and file system.

This course teaches you how to design, create, and launch hybrid mobile apps people will want to use. With the help of straightforward, real-world examples, you will learn to build apps from the PhoneGap and to make use of native device features like the camera and accelerometer. You will learn testing techniques and discover the PhoneGap Build service and how to submit your apps to Google Play and the Apple App Store. Along the way, this helpful course discusses mobile app design and shows you how to create effective, professional-quality UI.


  • Successful students in this course will have foundational knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
  • At the end of course student should build a real world application.

What you'll learn

  1. Use the PhoneGap Desktop app to create new PhoneGap mobile apps
  2. Use the PhoneGap Desktop app and PhoneGap Mobile app to test new apps
  3. Create a new PhoneGap app template
  4. Test a PhoneGap project in the browser
  5. Include the JQuery library for UI
  6. Create single and multipage user interfaces
  7. Create collapsible content blocks to optimize mobile screen space
  8. Use jQuery Mobile UI elements to create usable mobile apps
  9. Use the Local Storage object for permanent on-device storage
  10. Storing data in the on-device database
  11. Retrieving data from the on-device database
  12. Obtain the device's location using geolocation tools
  13. Obtain location information with the Google Places API
  14. Obtain location information and Maps from the Google Maps API
  15. Play audio and video content on the device
  16. Control media content using JavaScript
  17. Determine device position on X,Y and Z axis with the accelerometer
  18. Use the accelerometer to move on-screen objects
  19. Access device hardware including the camera
  20. Obtain and save images with the camera
  21. Detect gestures using the Hammer.js library
  22. Integrate taps and press gestures in to your application
  23. Integrate swipe and pan gestures in to your mobile app
  24. Determine information about the device on which your app is running
  25. Work with device orientation
  26. Determine information about the network to which device is connected
  27. Determine battery status of device
  28. Send a push notification to an app
  29. Process a push notification so it appears in the messaging bar
  30. Configure the Config.xml for app release
  31. Build with Adobe PhoneGap Build
  32. Build with the Command Line Interface
  33. Complete pre-release testing of a mobile app
  34. CRUD Operations with phonegap (API interaction with PHP)

Duration: 45 Days

Course Start Date: 2/Feb/2019

Registration Deadline: 31/Jan/2019

For more information, contact Software House Department, Rana University

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