Introduction of CDC:

Rana University Career Development Centre (CDC) established in 2016 by Rana University to provide the different career opportunities to the current students of the university. CDC is one of the leading departments of Rana University which provides the different career development services, advising, retention and career planning to all Rana University bachelors and diploma level students within Rana University. The CDC offers a personalized level of advising to computer science and business administration and other stream students. The CDC staff assists with each student’s growth and development by creating a degree plan that is compatible with the student’s goals. The process is continuous throughout the student’s education within the CBT and is based on frequent personal contact from the CDC advisor. Effective academic advising and career planning is essential to student success and the CDC exists to enhance that experience.

Services offer by CDC:

Rana University Career Development Centre offers different level of career development services to Rana University Bachelors and Diploma Level Students. CDC provides the below mentioned services to the university enrolled students:

Academic Advising:

  • Scheduling
  • Major exploration
  • Declaration or change of major/minor
  • Prospective students

Student Success:

  • Outreach to academically at-risk students
  • Tutoring and study resource information
  • College success coaching (Student Learning Communities)
  • Freshmen peer mentoring
  • Faculty freshmen mentoring

Career Planning:

  • Career exploitation
  • Internship opportunities
  • Selecting the right degree

Team CDC:

Rana University Career Development Centre works under the supervision of Mr. Pardeep Sharma who is qualified as Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resource & Operation Management, Software Engineering and Certified as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) from Microsoft having 12 years ‘relevant experience in Training Implementation, Project Management and leading the International Academic Affairs in education industry domain at national & International Level.

Mr. Pardeep is having international working exposure of different countries like India, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Bhutan and serving Rana University for the last 04 years as Sr. Project Manager and as Director of International Affairs and having enough experience to deal with small and large scale projects with different donors like NIIT Ltd (India & Bhutan, Maldives), Next Education India Pvt Ltd, Aptech Afghanistan, Ministry of Education Bhutan, Ministry of Education Maldives, USAID (U.S Agency of International Development), World Bank, Ministry of Communication & IT Afghanistan, Care Foundation, EUPOL (European Police Commission Afghanistan), AWDP (Afghanistan Work Force Development Program), DPS (Delhi Public School) etc.

Apart from the above mentioned qualified leadership, the CDC also enjoys the services of the following qualified and experienced personnels:

  • Ms. Farishta Rahmani, CDC Coordinator, Masters in Leadership
  • Mrs. Jangvi Sharma, CDC Record Officer, Masters in Biotechnology, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Bachelor in Biotechnology
  • Ms. Bibi Yalda Sediqqi, CDC Academic Officer, Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Mr. Ali Mansoor, CDC Operational Officer, Bachelor in Political Science

CDC Location & Working Hours:

  • The CDC is located in 2nd Floor of Rana University New Building and given its valuable services to all the students 06 days a week from Saturday to Thursday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Students can share their queries via email on pm@ru.edu.af

Mission of CDC:

Rana University CDC mission is to provide students with the resources needed to prepare for their future career, including professional development courses and internship opportunities.


  • To assist students with their future degree choice based on career objectives
  • To offer meaningful career development training to all students
  • To partner with Career Services in making internship and job opportunities available to students
  • To regularly communicate internship and job opportunities to students
  • To increase the number of internships for academic credit

Academic Resource Centre Activities

CDC Department of Rana University sends regular updates to all undergraduate students of Rana University regarding: job postings from employers who have contacted our office, internship postings from local employers, regular notifications of CDC-specific job and internship opportunities posted by Career Services, course and program information from the advising office and upcoming events. Specific career development events include the CDC Career Fair, Meet the Firms (for Accounting majors), and other networking opportunities as they arise.

Career Development Centre is always assigned specific majors to facilitate accuracy, consistency and customer service. Specification in majors allows advisors to become familiar with the degree plans and to develop closer relationships with faculty and students. All academic advisors are cross-trained to provide assistance to all majors if a student’s assigned advisor is not available.

Choosing a Degree: Academic advisors assist the students with degree selection using a 2-page handout, which includes a description of all the degree programs and skills gained through the field of study in addition to the job opportunities available to the major.

Distinct Degree Plans: The ARC provides students with easy-to-read, color-coded, one-page degree plans to clearly show what courses remain to complete the degree. Updated degree plans are made available to students during office visits and may also be sent to the student’s email address by request for our distance learners.

Advanced Planning: The CDC works with department chairs to produce 2-year rolling schedules, which allow students the convenience of advanced schedule planning. The rolling schedules are posted online, as well as handed out to each advisee who visits the office.

Professional Development Courses

All Computer Science Students must complete a professional development course as part of their degree requirements. Topics and training covered in this required course include:

Professional Branding

Development of a s“Professional Brand “, which includes a self-assessment and creation of an elevator speech.

Resume Writing and Cover Letter Development

Creating a professional resume, complete with cover letter and reviewed for quality.

Electronic Portfolio

Development of a LinkedIn profile to establish a professional online presence prior to graduation.

Dress for Success:

Instruction in professional attire, preparing students to dress for success.

Etiquette Dinner:

Participation in a business and dining etiquette dinner to enhance professionalism at social dining events.

Offer Negotiation:

Training on negotiating and accepting or declining a job/business offer in a professional manner.

Mock Team Interviews:

Participation in a mock team interview in which local businesses provide a professional interview experience and direct feedback on a student’s interviewing technique.

Internship & Employment Opportunities

Employer Relations Specialist

Rana University Career Development Centre provide university students a direct link connects with different employers with help of Employer Relation Specialist. The Employer Relations Specialist is available to students to discuss career goals and planning.

Internship and job opportunities are communicated to students on a regular basis through email with links to the Patriot Jobs website for direct application.


Internships opportunities are available to students to earn college credit while gaining professional experience within their desired field. Regular email communication is sent to all CBT majors with direct links to the job description and Patriot Job listing information.

International Relation Development

  • CDC department is actively working on the International development from since his establishment, CDC has always been committed and strived to provide its students best International exposure. In aligned with that university is expanding its network in US, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Iran, China and India through the signing of memorandum of understanding(MOU) with the universities in those countries. These MOUs with the academically proficient universities in those countries will provide the opportunities to our students to study there, and also an exposure of first world and emerging economics.
  • University provides an opportunity to meet with Fulbright Scholars, Chevening scholar and ICSSR Fellows and often plan their orientation session for students to do their application.
  • University has in-house classroom facility to help in the preparation of IELTS and TOEFL Exam, additionally International Office of the university is fully equipped to conduct counseling session to select universities across the countries.
  • Recently Rana University has signed MoUs with Opole University in Poland, and Shoolini University in India, Harvest College of Education Australia, Ball State University USA, in which students of Rana will get an opportunity to complete their Bachelor & Master Degree Program

CDC Achievements

  • Rana University CDC department has given active participation in “INBUS ERA WORLD SUMMIT 2018’ which was organized by Amity University (India’s No.1 Private Leading University) in New Delhi on 7th – 9th Feb 2018 and become the Top Leading Partner of “Amity University” India by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under various student exchange and research & development Program with Amity University Noida, Uttar Pradesh India.
  • Rana University CDC department has given its active participation in “UTTARAKHAND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FESTIVAL” 2018 which is organized by District Administration of Champawat, Tehri Garwal Uttarakhand India on 21st to 25th Feb 2018. University is represented by Mr. Pardeep Sharma (Director of International Affairs) and Dr. Sanjeev Puri in the field of Quality Education. Indian Universities, NGO’s and different countries International delegates like (India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Yemen) etc., given their active participation form the 17 different sustainability Development Areas.
  • Rana University CDC department got awarded by District Administration of Champawat Uttrakhand with “Change Maker Award” for its outstanding contribution towards the empowerment of Women Leadership and for providing the quality education within Afghanistan.
  • Rana University CDC department signed the International MoU with Shoolini University Himachal India and Rana University. 03 students got International Scholarship Under Student Exchange Program with Shoolini University and successfully started their Master Degree within Shoolini University Himachal in Feb,2018.

CDC Current Activities

CDC department invited all the time involved in different career activities and at the moment CDC department of Rana University offering different programs to University final semester and first semester students which is mentioned as below:

  • CDC department invited the Application to select the eligible students for Master Degree Program with Shoolini University Himachal Pradesh India. Selected candidates will get the opportunity to complete his Master Degree in management or computer science within India with 100% under Shoolini University student exchange program. All eligible participant will complete the throw procedure of selection process which is conducted by CDC department under the supervision of CDC Head.
  • CDC department invited the Application of potential candidates to join the Master Degree and PhD degree within Program with Azerbaijan University Russia. Selected candidates will get the opportunity to complete his Master Degree or PhD in one of the deemed University in Russia.
  • CDC department presently offering the Internship Program of Women in Economy(WIE) to all the eligible female students of Rana University. Once the candidate will complete the application procedure online will get place by WIE in different sectors like Media, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Sales and other business sectors. Each applicant will get monthly stipend from Women in Economy.
  • CDC department presently offering the Internship Program of DAI to all the eligible female students of Rana University. Once candidate will complete the DAI application process, the process will get place with different employers like ROSHAN, Etisalat, Afghan Wireless, Tetra-Tech etc. DAI will give appropriate monthly stipend to all the selected candidates for the period of six months.
  • CDC department previously conducted 14 various technology workshops for the technical skills development of the university students. Almost 1050 shown their interest in the different technology based workshop and almost 350 participated in the technology workshops which is organized by CDC.
  • In the month of January 2018, CDC department conducted “Business Incubation” program for university’s BBA students with the support of “Pearl Horizon Consulting Company”. This program is specially conducted for those participants who want to start their own business in future and having great potential to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Positive behavior is one of the success factor of each employee within organization. To improve the confidence and change the behavior of low level employees of Rana University. CDC department organized a “Behavior Change” workshop within Rana University for university lower level staff members. Almost 62 people participated in the workshop.

CDC Future Plan

CDC future plan is to offer twin programs through which students would have the opportunities to have local and international experience and exchange cultural information by studying at international institutes and universities during the program around the world. A part of CDC is that it aspires to be a role model for academic excellence in higher education in Afghanistan. It is deeply committed to create an environment where it will nurture the best minds of the country to be an ethical and responsible human resource for the country. Through its multidisciplinary approach, the university seeks to build bridges across universities and institutions, with international bodies, governmental organizations, NGOs and business organizations to create a vast pool of academic resources to facilitate the process of nation building.

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