Introducing of Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Department of Rana University was established in 2014 under the auspices of the Academic Vice-Chancellor in the academic structure and organization in order to meet the criteria and reach the accreditation stage.

The Quality Assurance Department of Rana University has a two tier structure: A main committee at University level and four sub committees at the Colleges level. The members of the main committee are Academic Vice-Chancellor, Administrative officer, Deputy of Student Affairs, Heads of Colleges, Head of Research Center, and Head of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, who is also secretary of the committee. The sub-committee’s members are Faculty Lecturers.

This committee meets monthly and documentizes all academic and administrative activities at university level within the framework of quality assurance criteria and send annual reports to the Ministry of Higher Education.  

The quality assurance and accreditation process has three stages. After completing the third stage, the university will be officially accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Quality Assurance Department. Rana University also has successfully completed two stages of accreditation and is candidate for third accreditation stage. By completing this stage, it will achieve accreditation document.


  • Successfully passing of the first and second stages of the accreditation process
  • Participation in the third stage of accreditation
  • Preparing of reports from all academic and administrative units each year
  • Sending reports to the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Launching of capacity building programs for lecturers and staffs
  • Continuous assessment of all academic and administrative affairs of the university


  • Achieving accreditation document after successfully passing of the third stage
  • Quality improvement at university level (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Hiring academic cadres with high education
  • Introducing the status of the university among other educational institutions of the country
  • Establishing scientific relations with foreign universities
  • Practicing all principles and criteria of accreditation to achieve university goals

A Brief Information Regarding the Procedures of Quality Assurance

Ministry of Higher Education

The procedures for the quality assurance of either the private or the governmental universities of Afghanistan was established in 2009 with the aim to focus on the standardization of the universities that attain the accreditation, in consideration with the 11th criterion for the quality assurance at the Ministry of Higher Education. The standardization procedures of the Higher Education takes place in 3 steps, upon completion of the third step, the university will be fully accredited with the Ministry of Higher Education, such like universities will remain accredited for five years with the Ministry of Higher Education.

In accordance with 11 criterions for the quality assurance of the Ministry of Higher Education, Rana University has begun the mentioned procedure in 2014 and So far has successfully completed the second step and has entered the accreditation process.

Details of the accreditation process

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Directorate


Details of the accreditation process

Stage 1: Ministry of Higher Education inform institution of timing of accreditation process.

Stage 2: Institution completes self – assessment and writes self - assessment reports.

Stage 3: institution sends self – assessment reports and supporting documents to Ministry of Higher Education.

Stage 4: Ministry of Higher Education checks documents and sends them to the peer reviewer team.
Stage 5: Peer reviewer team reviews self - assessment report and supporting documents.

Stage 6: Peer reviewer team agrees agenda with institution (using standard agenda template).

Stage 7: Peer reviewer team conducts visit and assesses institution against accreditation framework.

Stage 8: Peer reviewer team meet with the sub – committee of Q.A board to discuss their assessment, explore differences with institutional self – assessment, agree recommendations and plan final peer review report.

Stage 9: Peer reviewer team submits peer review report to Ministry of Higher Education.

Stage 10: Institution has opportunity to comments against the factual accuracy of the review report.

Stage 11: Quality Assurance and Accreditation Directorate (QAAD) board either.

Stage 12: Ministry of Higher Education informs institution of the final decision regarding accreditation.

Stage 13: Institution has opportunity to appeal against the final decision. 

Stage 14: Institution completes action plan, incorporating the recommendations of the peer review team.

Stage 15: Institution submits completed action plan to Ministry of Higher Education for approval.

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