Introduction of Information Technology

The present era is an era of technology. Everywhere we are surrounded with technological devices and everyone is somehow familiar with technology. The foundation of all types of technology is laid down in educational institutions. The education in secondary level plays an essential role since it is responsible for the development of society.

IT Departments established in 2009. It provides IT facilities in various fields for the staff and students to help them work better and focus on development to facilitate the work environment through modern technology.

IT Department assures to try and provide the best quality services. It has a strategic plan to facilitate our department, within the framework of a system that necessitates work simultaneously at local, regional and even international level.

IT Department, provides below services:

  • Digital Library.
  • Computer Labs for RU’s students.
  • Providing internet for both staff and students.
  • Preparing the entire university employees with new technology instate local.
  • Biometric attendance.
  • DVR security system in order to provide a safe environment.

Information Technology Objective 1:

To apply Information Technology within the organization where it can create educational aspects:

  • Support the Education systems and process review project to enhance service and reduce organizational risk;
  • Managing a new telephony system development cycle to implement a prioritized list of changes to improve the effectiveness of the RU’s system;
  • Implement the upgrade of the desktop operating system to Windows 8 and 10;
  • Updating and upgrading software computer hardware and apps.
  • Plan and Prepare for the upgrade to the server operating environment from Windows server 2003, 2008 to Windows server 2012/2016 to retain support;

Information Technology Objective 2:

To meet internal organization expectations for the capability of the IT function we will: 

  • To provide new helpdesk services
  • E-learning services for RU’s students
  • Email and web browsing accessibility, capacity and performance management of the email function and enable employees to browse the internet. 
  • Firewall development to maintains much confidentiality for the internal system.
  • Video Conferencing accessibility, capacity and performance management of the video conference function (excluding the video equipment which is supported by Facilities). 
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