Examination Department is one of the key units in the higher studies institutes. As per the organizational chart, this department is working under the supervision and direction of the Office of the Student Affairs Vice Chancellor with the observance of rules and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.

Examination section in Rana University is an autonomous and independent body wherein the main focus is on the implementation of the rules and regulations of the ministry of higher education. This section stays vigilant and keeps on devising plans to thwart any fraudulent practices in the examination affairs. Transparency is the first and fundamental principle in examination affairs. The staff members in this department work with dedication and are sworn to confidentiality.

Working affairs of this committee include managing and controlling all internal and external examinations, arranging and controlling rechecking process, conducting retake examinations, announcing examinations results via university website, conducting Entry Exam (Kankor) and issuing statement of marks.


  1. Conducted successfully all time Entry Examinations for fall semesters till date.
  2. Conducted successfully all miscellaneous Entry Examinations till date.
  3. Conducted successfully all internal examinations and announcing results thereof.
  4. Conducted successfully all Retake Examinations till date.
  5. Developed and designed an Archive of entire answer sheets for the above mentioned exams in standard form.
  6. Arranged and rectified all the archived documents of examination.
  7. Preparing duties and responsibilities lists as per the Ministry of Higher Education rules and regulations for Examinations unit employees.

Future Plans

  1. To initiate and arrange a Question Bank of four disciplines with the consultation of offices of Academic and Student Affairs Vice Chancellors and Head of Departments.
  2. To organize monograph defence program after completion of eight semester with the coordination of four faculties.
  3. To arrange the overall assessment from RA-RM terms attendance and evaluations sheets and completing their missing sheets.
  4. To Dispatch the spring semester graduation and semester wise books with the coordination of Record department to MoHE.
  5. Preparation for the upcoming Entry Examinations.
  6. To standardize the examination system at Rana in accordance with most system and
  7. Preparation of copying machine mechanism for better and swift services to resolve students’ issues.
  8. More facilitating Financial Aid process for poor students.
  9. Transferring marks and information of DEL, DIT and DBA departments in database.
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